Coven 2


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Coven 2

The sensual and sometimes bizarre initiation rights of the coven are explored in detail, in Paul Thomas` COVEN #2. Janine brings beautiful Krysti Lynn into the den of witches. She is baptized by warlocks, and they`re not using holy water. With the addition of Krysti, the coven changes, becoming an event more sensual, earthly environment. Revolving around beautiful Janine, always in the shadows. The witching hour is now. Enjoy COVEN #2, only from Vivid Films.

Scene 1. Krysti Lynn, Steven St. Croix
Scene 2. Laurie Cameron, Paul Morgan
Scene 3. Janine, Krysti Lynn
Scene 4. Krysti Lynn, Alex Sanders, Max Hardcore, Paul Morgan
Scene 5. Brittany O'Connell, Janine, Krysti Lynn, Nikki Shane
Scene 6. Krysti Lynn, Mark Davis
Scene 7. Krysti Lynn, Mark Davis

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Duration: 01:15:08
Resolution: 720x480
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