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At Eyewitness Production, we produce high quality fantasy and scary films and photographs using some of the latest special effects and techniques available. All our actors and actresses are trained professionals over 21 years of age. A quick look at our actresses will show you that we work with some of the most talented and most beautiful international actresses in the industry.

To ensure our high level standard, we also work with professional makeup artists and use the latest camera technology and video editing software available.

To us, being an independent production company means to produce a refined, european version of classic Hollywood thriller themes. This way, we have created a very new and unique style which you will see reflected in each of our productions. Not only our state of the art equipment but also the fun and friendly collaboration of the entire production crew leads to our exceptional results. In our productions we are able to produce dramatic sequences which provide an intense viewing experience but at the same time ensure the complete safety of the actress.

We are aware that our success depends greatly on the support and commitment of our actors which is why we regard their safety as our top priority. So we would never risk any kind of injury or use any unsafe or unproven techniques or effects.

We would like to clarify that there are no depictions of sexual activity on this website. We would under no circumstances condone any form of inhumanity or behavior against the free will of another person in real life. We know that such material is being offered and distance ourselves from any such content, anyone looking for this type of content, is in the wrong place and is kindly asked to leave.

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