VoyeurJapanTV vjt 17202-def-1 BUZZING HER WET BUSH

VoyeurJapanTV vjt_17202-def-1 BUZZING HER WET BUSH

A luscious Asian office girl in black blazer and slim skirt finishes lunch and heads home for a break. After adjusting hair and makeup she decides on some real relaxation and unbuttons her blouse to show off her satiny white bra. She rolls down her nylons and swaps her proper skirt for a swingy dress. Sitting back on her bed she thumbs through a sexy manga. She breaks out a big white stick vibrator and works out the workaday kinks in her neck.
Now it's time to see what else the strong buzz can relax. Holding the knob end against her tight little titties our Japanese lovely lets out a little moan. She presses the head into the mound of her clit under her soft flannel panties. The exquisite vibration makes her lose control and piss her pants. A wet stain forms and spreads from front to back, so she drops her undies to mop up the pee from her thick black pubes.
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